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Your contribution to Avila's Cancer Fund will help us to offer financial assistance to cancer patients undergoing treatment, and Individuals with chronic illness. 

Your Support Provides

  • Utilities
  • Gas Cards
  • Lodging
  • Co-pays
  • Rent/Mortgage 
  • All payments are made directly to the vendors
  • Resource Information


There are many ways to get involved. If  you would like volunteer for Avila's Cancer Fund. Contact us at to learn about opportunities. 

Our Accomplishments 

There are many treatment options for cancer patients and with that comes just as many financial obstacles to get through. Such as added travel, lodging, and insurance cost. By reason of this Avila's Cancer Fund has found that patients while in treatment need more financial help. Our goal is to assist patients that do not have social support and stay compliant with cancer care.

Our Work

Our organization provides financial assistance and resources information for cancer patients, and individuals with chronic illness. 

Our Vision 

While the scientist are working hard to find a cure and developing new treatment options for  patients. Our organization is here to help as many cancer patients, and individuals with chronic illnesses. 

Get in Touch


PO Box 5956

Fresno Ca, 93755



Financial Assistance by Appointment 


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